GUEST POST| Kiev: the Ultimate Capital of Culture?

Lucky old Kiev. Ukraine’s capital city, set beside the Dnieper River in the country’s central northern region, is not only surrounded by an area of outstanding natural beauty but also boasts an immensely rich historical and cultural heritage. Visitors to this stunning city are bombarded by cultural highlights and landmarks from the moment they arrive. Culture vultures that have devoured the cultural riches of Rome, Paris and Milan will discover untold joy in Kiev: the city contains sufficient artistic, architectural, theatrical and historical treasures to amaze, inspire and satisfy even the most dedicated aesthete. Which begs the question: could Kiev be the ultimate capital of culture?

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BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT in Siargao Island

April 13, 2013. I am presently here in Siargao Island of Surigao del Norte for usual social development works. I arrived here on Tuesday and planning to stay until Sunday morning. If only I don't have scheduled commitments in Butuan and Cagayan de Oro next week, I will just stay and do my works here. Got addicted and truly deeply in-love with Siargao’s charm and beauty. No other place in the Philippines could replace Siargao in my heart. I consider this beautiful island as one of my comfort zones. White-sand beaches, amazing rock formations, vast green mangrove forests, turquoise water, enchanting lagoons, surprisingly full of adventure caves, beautiful places and people equals Siargao Island!

"Truly, this Island is a paradise. This is the place where I can write poems and serious literary works. This is the place where I can find serenity. Every strike of waves is an action; its sunset is a drama; the sea is fantasy; the sands and pebbles are never ending stories of beauty and glamour… So this is Siargao! This is the place where I can put back pieces of ME during dark seasons of my life. This is my place –my paradise..."

Sohoto- Bucas Grande

PostCard Series| Stunning Colors of Caridad Public Beach

Caridad Public Beach in Pilar-Siargao island

“When I walk down the beach and smell the salt water, hear the waves crashing against the shoreline, and feel the granular sand under my feet, I can't help but realize why I'm here on this green earth”
― Wendy Joubert, Sea Witch

GUEST POST| Ecotourism in Bali

The warm island paradise of Bali is one of Indonesia's most famous regions. Known all over the world for its clear oceans, pearly beaches, hidden Hindu temples and captivating culture, Bali has lured in Western travelers since the official Tourist Bureau was founded in 1908.

The sudden availability of cheap holidays towards the end of the 1960's had a dramatic effect on Bali. Having previously been a destination for wealthy people and hippies, the area suddenly attracted a whole new type of traveler by the thousand.

Pacifico Beach-Siargao Island

GUEST POST| 5 Variety Days out for All the Family

You would think it’d be simple to plan a small trip away with the family, but in practice, that’s not the case. Choosing somewhere interesting to go for the day is one thing, and then convincing the children to get into the car is another. At least we've sorted out the former for you.


Morion’s Travel Diaries| The Less Visited Lumondo Falls

I have discovered a priceless treasure in Barangay Budlingin, Alegria, Surigao del Norte - the less visited Lumondo Falls.  The waterfall  which is about 10 meter-radius from the actual water drop or 20 feet up the rift of the river is justifiable to be called as “environmentally-raw”. Less visited, its natural beauty is  preserved and close to untouched. 

Lumondo Falls in Alegria, Surigao del Norte PHILIPPINES

PostCard Series| Dusk and Sunset in Mainit Lake

Mainit Lake

“Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. And that means that day and night are linked in a way that few things are there cannot be one without the other yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel I remember wondering to be always together yet forever apart?” 
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

GUEST POST| What to consider when choosing the right Cruise for your Family

Cruising is such a great way to take a holiday. It is family friendly, economical, exotic, and safe. Because there are so many varieties of cruise to choose from, you need to do your research before making your commitment. Normally, cruises are open to people of all ages.