Morion's PhotoGallery 101| Surigao City Port's familiar scenes

Wordless Sunday
"when you're tired of your job, think of the jobless, the disabled, and those who wish they had yours..." - A quote I've read while in the comfort room of NAIA Terminal 2, Manila.

One fine Sunday morning of April 2012
"coin divers/sisid-barya"

Morion's PhotoGallery 101| Featuring Surigao City's Public Market

PhotoWalk at Surigao City's Public Market, one Saturday Morning of April 2012.
first time to see this kind of lobster, dunno the name

Morion’s Travel| Siargao: The Surfing Capital of the Philippines

I arrived in Surigao City Airport on March 12, 2012. Good to know that our Regional office/staff house- where I am going stay every weekend, is just meters away from the airport. I was welcomed with new working environment and beautiful people- “walang pagkakaiba sa iniwan ko sa Cebu!”
Got the key to my room, arranged the things inside the backpack and 3 other heavy bags (full of books and magazines hehehe) and went to the neighboring Gaisano Capital Mall (bought toiletries and personal stuffs) - ready to start working and exploring Mindanao the following day!

Included in my first 3 days itinerary is to visit the newly-established 3 unit offices and monitor its’ initial operation in the Island of Siargao.


5 minutes after leaving Surigao Port

Morion's PhotoGallery 101| "Guyabano"

Featured shots were taken on March 17, 2012 at Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte using GE x500 Camera.

TRIVIA: Soursop (English) /Guyabano's scientific name is Annona Muricata. The wonder fruit known as The Natural Cancer Cell Killer is  native to Philippines. Scientific studies proved that Guyabano tree's bark, leaves and fruits contains one chemical that is 10,000 times the potency of the chemotherapy drug Adriamycin.

The heart-shaped fruit's flower

Morion's Travel: Don't tell your momma that I am going to Mindanao

  I left Toledo City (Cebu) at 7:30 am. Rode in our service car with mixed emotions- will surely miss the people I worked with for more than six months. I am leaving the place I felt estranged the first time  I was here. The place I called my work place and traveling ground for more than 3 years.Working, traveling, roaming, wandering... i lived here! Cebu is not just a beautiful, cultural or heritage place for Morion,  every corner of this wonderful province  is Morion's discovering ground.
         "Makasabot at makasulti na ako karon ng Bisaya, dili na maibaligya!" I am not laughing anymore whenever I heard a man/woman  pronouncing I as E like "ATI BELE NA KAYO ng GOLAY". I am not laughing anymore whenever I heard "biglang lambot" o "biglang tigas" words- sabi nga ng mga kapitbahay ko sa Alabang "puntong Bisaya kana ah!"