Morion's PhotoTravel Diaries:A short stop at Luneta Park, Manila

October 29, 2011. After visiting and spending half of the day at the Manila Zoo we headed to Luneta Park. Rizal Park also known as Luneta Park is one of the famed historical sites in the Philippines. National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal and the three Martyr Priests Jose Burgos, Mariano Gomez,  and Jacinto Zamora were executed in the site after being accused of spearheading revolution against Spaniards. Known to many, the said events sparked the courage of Filipinos to fight for independence.

Luneta Park has been significant site of moments in Philippine History. The declaration of Philippine independence from American Rule was also held in this place. The Park truly symbolizes Filipino pride, courage, dignity and independence. 

Today, Luneta Park is not just a place of monument. Dancing fountains, food stalls, a glimpse of perfect sunset at Manila Bay, grassy open field serves as pasyalan, a perfect dating venue,  and family's picnic place.


Calesas or horse-drawn vehicles are available in the area for standard rate of P50.
A good place for dating and picnics.

The famous landmark- Rizal monument was designed by Swiss sculpture Richard Kissling. The monument is guarded each and every moment to protect Dr. Jose Rizal’s remains inside.

6:00 pm at the Park
The Park’s Dancing fountains.


  1. a lot of filipino does not know that rizal was not originally buried here but in another cemetery!!!

    Paco park!!!!

  2. yah his remains was just transferred in the monument site,,,, after the execution, his remains was secretly buried in Paco Park with no identification on his grave

  3. never ko pa natry magkalesa despite the fact that I studied in Intramuros. I've been to Rizal Park eversince I was young, Family Days and School Educational Trip.

  4. best part of luneta are the interesting people. each one tells a worthy story.

  5. @dee kalesa maintains unique experience-of Luneta
    @chyng true,that's the spirit of the park"

  6. love your sunset photo at the luneta park. how ironic, i didn't know that the fountain at luneta park looks like that now... maybe i should visit luneta soon

  7. I love the photos Jeff. Luneta is at its best sa sunrise at sunset, pati mid-day. When I get to go back to manila, il get one myself.

    Salamat sa post na to.

  8. We will be going back here next year. with my son. I am glad that you visited this place bro. Did you visit the kilometer zero? just near that place. Nice presentation. :-). Keep on blogging bro. You are on the right track. :-)

  9. @gladys,@doc wendl,@Bonzenti(Con tour)" many tnx for these encouraging comments... i am also an avid follower of ur blogs and inspired of!

  10. Sad to say I have never been to Luneta Park yet but it's a place I really want to visit eventually.

    I come from Iloilo, and went to Manila to study. I haven't been going around as much, but looks great!

    Thanks! :D

  11. Glad to see these photos, it was a good thing you weren't told off like the others. love the lamp shot!

  12. Cool photos, bro. Ang tagal ko ng hindi nakatapak sa Luneta. isang dekada na ata. Dyan masarap mag-stroll. Less gastos. LOL

  13. 50 pesos, standard rate ng kalesa? huwaw, nadaya ba talaga kami? nag-kalesa tour kami last March at 250-300 per 30 minutes and singil ng mga kalesa drivers na tinanong namin. :(


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