Top 6 Things to do in Granada, Spain.

The city of Granada is the jewel in the crown of the Spanish southern region of Andalusia. This city is mostly known for its architecture, which ranges from Arab buildings to large Catholic churches.

Explore the Alhambra

The Alhambra is one of the most visited places in Spain. This ancient fortress is the symbol of this city, a structure renown for its beauty that was built by the Moors. It was the residence of the Nasrid sultans, and on its territory you will find the Nasrid palaces. Take a tour around these palaces, filled with pieces of art and murals, and get lost in the many courtyards and patios decorated with fragrant plants and water fountains.

Tour the Generalife

After visiting the palaces, head to the Generalife gardens, a set of large gardens located on the Cerro del Sol Hill. From here you will be able to enjoy views towards the city.

Walk around the city center

Walking around the city center you will find many traditional whitewashed house, cobblestone streets and square filled with terraces. North of the river stands the Cathedral, which was built on the site of an ancient mosque. Inside the Cathedral you will find many chapels, most of them decorated with sculptures of saints. The one chapel you must not miss is the Royal Chapel, the place where the Catholic Kings Isabel and Ferdinand are buried. At the foot of the Alhambra and a short walk away from the cathedral you will find the Bañuelo, a set of ancient Arab baths worth visiting.

Visit the Albaycin and Scromonte districts

Located near the Alhambra, these two neighbourhoods are filled with history. Make sure to book a hotel in Granada in advance in order to be able to stay in the Albaycin, where many of the hotels have views towards the Alhambra. By staying in this area, you will be able to walk to most of the city’s main landmarks. The Albaycin is located on a hill, offering views of the city. The Sacromonte district is a traditionally gypsy district, with narrow streets and caves that have been transformed into flamenco bars.

Enjoy the city’s tapas

Granada might be known for its architecture and its history - and yet its food scene should not be overlooked. The tradition of tapeo, going out for tapas, is common in this city, where the tapas are known for their generous sizes. For each round of beer and wine you order, you will get a complimentary dish of tapas. These can range from Spanish meatballs albóndigas and patatas a lo pobre potatoes cooked in olive oil with peppers to gambas al pil-pil shrimps cooked in olive oil and garlic and calamares fritos deep fried squid.

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