#BFT2014 | Baguio City's Strawberry Taho

When you’re in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio, never ever miss to try their famous “Strawberry Taho”.  Yep, it's Pinoy's all time favorite “Taho” with a twist -  made from soya beans (fresh soft/ silken tofu), topped with sago pearls or tapioca and sweetened with generous amount of strawberry jam instead of  the usual arnibal or caramelized sugar syrup.

Strawberry Taho

Day 2 of Baguio Food Tour 2014. From BenCab Museum, we rode in a taxi going back to Baguio City and proceed to Good Shepherd at Gibraltar Road to buy some goodies and pasalubongs. We then walk going to the city public market to find the famous Strawberry Taho. Before we reached the public market area, I saw Manong Magtataho! We approached him and ordered 4 cups- 25 pesos only per cup. 

You can easily find/buy strawberry taho. Taho vendors are usually roaming around the streets of Baguio City specially in the public market area, terminals, and parks. The moment you get-off the bus you'll hear the shout "Tahoooooooooooooo..."

Yeah, you shouldn't miss to try the sweet-sour, yummy taste of “strawberry taho” when you visit Baguio City.


Thank you very much to TV Patrol Weekend of ABS-CBN for featuring my photograph of strawberry taho on their Miss Ko 'to Segment.


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#BFT2014 | Happened on March 02-03, this 2day event aims to showcase and treat your eyes with some of the best culinary treats in Baguio City. This is our way to welcome summer 2014 in the country's Summer Capital - Baguio City. This 2- day Food Tour in the City of Pines was made possible by Victory Liner and Azalea Residences together with Le Chef at the ManorRancho Norte and Happy Tummy in Ketchup Food Community, Alfoncito’sTradisyon: Pinoy Comfort FoodSage, and Rasa Pura. Special thanks to Bencab Museum at Tuba, Benguet.

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  1. natakam ako. bat ba walang ganto na naglaalko sa manila? hehehe

    1. lam ko meron na rin sa mga malls , hindi ko lang maalala name ng stall, flavored taho taz may strawberry din hehehe pero iba pa rin ang orig na nasa Baguio mismo :)

  2. Strawberry taho!! Drool!! :-P~~~


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