Misamis Oriental | Spectacular Sagpulon Falls of Jasaan

If you’re into chasing waterfalls as the song goes, the Philippines is a perfect place for your wandering heart. There is always a new one yet to be explored especially in the island of Mindanao.  

Travel Guide | 8 Things to Do in Zamboanga City, Asia's Latin City

Zamboanga City is one of the most underrated cities in the Philippines. Concerns about peace and order situation in the south is mainly the reason for this. But as soon as you set foot in this city, you will quickly realize how undeserving it is of the negative impression it has.

Things to do in Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City | The Quiet Beauty that is Merloquet Falls

Beautiful things don’t seek attention. This is perhaps why the most scenic waterfalls in the Philippines are deeply hidden in its interiors. One such waterfall is the Merloquet Falls down south. Located in the northeastern part of Zamboanga City, this captivating waterfall is the face of Zamboanga’s eco-tourism program, having been featured in Philpost’s 2014 Philippine Stamps, Waterfall Series.

Merloquet Falls

What to Do in Manila: Top 6 Places to Tour

When you visit Manila, the Philippines' capital, with its diversity, irrepressible vitality and a large collection of architectural and cultural landmarks, you will never pass even a single day without having something to do or somewhere to go! In addition, you will definitely love Manila’s all-heady and rich cultural mix of traditional Filipino, Malay, Chinese, Spanish, American and even Arabic influences. First of all, though, remember to take care of your budget by using coupons for Hotels.com to get attractive discounts on the flights and accommodation. And when planning the itinerary, look at our guide below on what to do in Manila and in its adjacent cities as you tour: