7107 Islands’ Fiesta| Moriones Festival 2013 Schedule of Activities

Moriones Festival is an annual religious festival held during Holy Week (starting Palm Sunday up to Easter Sunday) in my home province- Marinduque. The festival re-enacts the seven-day search for  Longinus. Men and women wearing mask and costumes replicating the looks of a Roman Centurion are called Moriones/Morions. They usually roams in the streets searching for Longinus, and  also serve as their way of "Panata"(devotion) or "Pagpapahirap sa Sarili"(penitence)Moriones came from the  Spanish root-word  morion which means mask. 

moriones festival

7107 Islands’ Fiesta| 18th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival Schedule of Activities

Be ready for a "Weekend of Everything that Flies". Expect the 18th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival on February 21-24, 2013 to be more colorful, exciting, and fun!

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7107 Islands’ Fiesta| Sinulog Festival 2013 Schedule of Activities

January 20 will be this year’s grandest day in the Queen City of the South. As expected, millions of devotees and tourists will flock in Cebu City to witness and participate in its celebration of Sinulog Festival 2013.  The Festival is one of the biggest/grandest festivals in the country celebrated every third week of January to honor Senyor Santo Niño or the Child Jesus Christ.

Sinulog Festival

7107 Islands’ Fiesta| Feast of the Black Nazarene 2013

Estimated 11 million devotees, mostly barefoot and clad in marron, are expected to gather and participate in Black Nazarene procession from Quirino Grandstand to Quiapo Church in Manila tomorrow, January 09, 2013. The procession will commemorate the Traslacion or trasfer of the statue to its present place of pilgrimage.