Morion's Travel| South Cebu plus Negros Oriental Get-away!

FEBRUARY 25-26,2012| After doing all the necessary extended works on Saturday such as selection interview, consolidation of reports and remittances, I immediately dialed Richard's number (best buddy since college days) to confirm if they (He is with two wandering ladies- Eunice and Zarah) already arrived in Cebu Airport from Manila.

The original trip was planned last month after I posted in my Facebook wall that Mr. Ron Perry invited me to spend my weekend at Virgin Beach Resort of Daanbantayan. In return I am going to feature his resort in this blog. Eunice and Richard wanted to join so they booked airline tickets going to Cebu on that day. Unfortunately, the trip wasn't pushed through due to my bucket list of works/activities and vacation in Manila. Not to disappoint the two plus one as they have already invited Zarah (long time friend ko na pla sa FB jejeje) , I decided to change the supposed to be North Cebu Trip to South Tip of Cebu plus Negros Oriental travel Get-away!

So this is it...