Morion's Travel| Leyte:A Place of Pride and History

The country's longest bridge- SAN JUANICO| connecting Samar province to Leyte

Wordless Post| Sharing photographs of my half day tour/visit to Leyte Province. From Samar, my wandering feet find its way to the nearest point of interest in Leyte- the infamous Gen. Mc Arthur's Landing Site in Palo. The historical site is more or less 30 minutes away from Tacloban City proper and not so distant from the airport. 

Morion's Travel| Uniquely Samar- A Journey to the Eastern side of Visayas Region

Photographs of my first journey to the province of "Warays" - Samar
This trip was not planned since my original flight ticket is Manila to Cebu. Long story to tell... leads me to re-routing of my flight to Manila-Tacloban. Then, I've said "Why not to make this unplanned/unexpected moment a memorable one!"
After arriving at Tacloban Domestic Airport via PAL flight, Morion found himself  exploring the beautiful province of Samar!

The San Juanico Bridge

Morion's PhotoGallery 101: 7:00PM Espana St. Manila(Philippines)

Suroy- suroy sa Sugbo! PART 3: History and Gold of Boljoon, Cebu

Snapshots of  my short stop-over in the National Heritage Town of Boljoon.
The Town of Boljoon is situated along the southeast coast of Cebu. The town was created in 1598 and one of the oldest in Southern Cebu. Located in the town is one of the Philippine's oldest Church- THE BOLJOON CHURCH. Great stories of the past  lies in the walls, surroundings, and grounds of the said hundred years old church.
Good to know that the town preserves and protects proof of Philippine's great history and "treasure". Church's convent currently serves as museum of artifacts and treasures unearth in the nearby ground by anthropologists from University of San Carlos and The National Museum.
The National Historical Institute declared Boljoon Church as National Historical Landmark in 1999 and year 2000 when it was confirmed by the National Museum as National Cultural Treasure. 
Taking pictures inside the museum is strictly prohibited. Luckily, I was allowed to take photos of selected artifacts, images, and wall posts with significant details.

antique decorations made from seashells and corals
century old cloth with pure gold thread 
the archaeological excavations
working anthropologists from University of San Carlos and The National Museum
Digital illustration of the ancient community of Boljoon-the current location of the church ,which explains  why there are treasures buried on the church's grounds.
based from carbon dating, skeletal remains  are between 340 and 500 years old.
list of oldest churches in the Philippines which includes Boljoon Church

The current status of excavation ground

a gold necklace

Morion's PhotoTravel Diary: TABON Peak of Dalaguete, Cebu (Philippines)

Tabon is an upland Barangay of Dalaguete. Characterized as an agricultural barrio, its large vegetable production/farming contributes a lot to Agriculture Industry of Cebu Province.
You have to spend 45 minutes -1 hour travel from the town proper of Dalaguete to reach Barangay Tabon. Habal-Habal is the only available mode of transportation going to the area. Terminal is located at the town's corner street called “eskina mantalongon” . Hiring  habal-habal costs 100-150 pesos while regular fare (have to wait for 3 other passengers) ranges from 50-60 pesos. According to the locals there are  caves in the area - surprisingly still unexplored! Wish I could set another time and have proper preparations to explore the said caves. 
Tabon’s cool weather condition and untouched nature mixes adventure and nature hopping in one!