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PhotoGallery | Shrine of Sanduguan in Bohol Province

Sanduguan Shrine is a commemorative site of the Sanduguan (a blood compact) between Datu Sikatuna -the chieftain of Bohol,  and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi -Spanish conquistador on March 16, 1565.  Symbol of alliance and friendship, the two leaders made a cut in their arms and mixed drops of their blood with wine then drank it.
Sandugo (Visayan) or Isang Dugo (Tagalog) means "One Blood".
The Shrine is composed of statues made from brass. The scene defects Sikatuna seated at the left side of the picture raising a cup as if in a toast. Legazpi is in the middle with three of his men beside him, including a priest.

Morion's PhotoGallery 101| Loboc River of Bohol

March 25, 2009
Floating Restaurant in Loboc River
Bohol Philippines

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