Travel Guide | Interesting Spots and Things to Do in Guimaras Province

Guimaras, an island province located in the western portion of the Visayas Region, may just be the next new destination to add to your bucket list for your next great vacation. Considered to be one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines, the hidden treasures of the island make it a beloved destination for many travelers. Not only is it famous for its breathtaking sights and sounds, but it also very well known for incredibly sweet and tasty mangoes.

Travel Guide Guimaras

Capiz | The Santa Monica Parish Church in Panay, a National Cultural Treasure

Right in the province of Capiz, is a third class municipality specifically called Panay. This town was once the capital of the province as established by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in the Spanish era. But in the present times, the place has become a tourist destination because of its most popular church - the Santa Monica Parish Church.

Panay Church in Capiz

Travel Guide| 7 Interesting and Must-Visit Churches in Iloilo Province

Going to church does not only mean you must be holy to visit them, sometimes it can also mean understanding and learning about both the culture and history of a certain place/country through the most historical buildings it has; in some cases, happen to be the church.

Interesting Churches in Iloilo Province

4 Highlights of Spending Your Schoolies Week on Fiji Islands

Schoolies is the most awaited time for high schoolers in Australia. Once they are done with the studies, they head on to their dream destinations to have the time of their lives. After high school, you may move to a new city to get admission at a university, so you may not be able to hang out with your friends for a long time. Schoolies week provides graduates with a great opportunity to spend some time with their friends.