Travel Diaries | Maria Cristina Falls and NPC Nature Park in Iligan City

Iligan City is a beautiful place to visit, boasting of a total of 39 waterfalls and several springs. Of all its waterfalls, the Maria Cristina Falls is the grandest and most majestic. Its power is so great that this is harnessed and transformed into electricity which is used in a large part of Mindanao. The waterfall is the second highest in the Philippines.

Maria Cristina Falls

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Travel Diaries | Lovely Mimbalot Falls of Iligan City

Mimbalot Falls is one of the 39 amazing waterfalls in Iligan City. It also belongs to the so-called Tourism Triangle in the city, along with Tinago Falls and the Maria Cristina Falls. This place is a great spot to visit especially for nature lovers who enjoys virgin beauty.

Mimbalot Falls works hand-in-hand with the Philippine National Red Cross To Help Victims of Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan

Misery and desperation are deeply etched on the faces of the millions of victims of super typhoon Yolanda, not knowing where to get their next meal or how to rebuild their broken homes and lives and how to cope with the loss of their loved ones. Chaos is widespread as the citizenry have nowhere to go for basic services: there is no electricity, no water services, no communications and worse no local government service to speak of. The typhoon victims have to literally fend for themselves. 

yolanda kid

Travel Diaries | Breathtaking Tinago Falls

Tucked away in a deep ravine between Iligan City and Municipality of Linamon is a beautiful falls, the Tinago Falls so called because it is mostly hidden from view unless you trek down to reach its hiding place. This majestic falls cascades beautifully in a basin-like pool with very cold water. Many tourists who visit the falls enjoy standing inside the small cave tucked under the falls while marveling at the cascading waters and enjoying its rumbling sound.

Tinago Falls

Travel NOTES | Iligan City Travel Guide

Iligan City is a highly urbanized city in Mindanao. It is also known as the “Industrial Center of the South”, owing to the many industries and companies situated within its borders. The city was home to the Tala-andigs and the Banhawons, peace-loving Higa-onon tribes. Its name was derived from “ilijan” or “iligan” which meant the “fortress of defense” that the natives built to keep the marauding pirates away.

Iligan City