GUEST POST| A guide to the P and O Adonia

The Adonia is part of the seven-strong fleet of P and O ships that deliver top quality cruise holidays to thousands of people every year. The Adonia is a small ship by cruise industry standards but that gives her a good deal of maneuverability so she can be sailed along coastlines that other vessels simply would not be able to negotiate. She's an adults-only ship, which means you'll have to look elsewhere is you have children to consider in your cruise holiday planning but if you're looking for a sophisticated and seriously relaxed atmosphere then the Adonia could be right for you.

P&O Cruises Adonia
       It's worth noting that while there won't be children running around the place, there tends still to be a sense of excitement and exuberance. You'll usually find that on a ship with a capacity of only around 700 people, a sense of camaraderie develops among the guests which can really add something to the fun you'll have while on-board. Of course, there's every opportunity for privacy and to spend time with your particular loved ones but you'll have every chance to mingle and make new friends as well.

     In terms of some of the facilities and attractions you can expect to find on-board the Adonia, you'll no doubt be struck first of all by the amazing central atrium that provides a hugely impressive focal point for the ship. There are a variety of excellent restaurants and dinning options, several bars, including some designed to give you a broad panoramic view, shops, swimming pools, golf nets, a gym and a photo gallery. Trips aboard the Adonia tend to be reasonably priced throughout the year but if you're looking for a real bargain on cruises Thomas Cook should perhaps be your next port of call.


  1. Whoa, looks like it's really of luxury! I'm not planning on a cruise this soon, but this is worth looking into. :)

  2. dream ko makasaky ng cruise ship .. alam ko dadaong yung pinakamalking cruise ship dito sa pinas sa boracay dis year

  3. Such an interesting post. I wish I could experience cruising with Adonia someday! 乂⍲‿⍲乂

  4. i have only been on the Royal Caribbean cruise ships twice. it is fun and interesting experience.

  5. This Blog was most helpful, your ideas are straight to the point, and the colors are cool too.

  6. I wish to be in a cruise ship one day. It's really a luxury!

  7. Ay saken itong ship na ito P (Paula) and O - (O-my surname)! hehe,..

    one of dreams is to take a cruise someday soon I hope It will come true!


  8. hope to be one of d passengers of this cruise someday...


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